The Lake Houses at Eagle Cove

3905 Lake Washington Blvd N
Kennydale, WA 98056

The Lake Houses at Eagle Cove

MLS: 1390514

When realtors list amazing properties, we describe them in bold, glowing terms:








“Family friendly.”

“Lake front.”


As brightly as those terms glow, they can’t get close to describing "The Lake Houses at Eagle Cove."

Because Eagle Cove is not just a house in a gated, lakefront community.  It is it's OWN gated community, nestled right up to the shimmering edge of Lake Washington.

These four beautiful homes, and a monumental boathouse, are just one long Russell Wilson pass (2 blocks) south of VMAC, the Seahawks training center in Renton.

And yes, “historic” also applies. The Cugini family operated a sawmill on this site, starting in the 1940's, and continuing for over 60 years. When that mill ceased operations in the early 2000's, the family sold most of the land to a local builder who created over 100 luxury homes just to the north. Connor Homes named this community "Barbee Mill', in honor of the old saw mill.

But the Cuginis could not let go of this southern parcel, and set about creating 4 luxurious homes (parts of which were crafted from hand picked timbers cut in the family sawmill) and the aforementioned boathouse. That boathouse is worth an additional mention, as it has a retractable door, and can hold a 60’ boat (in fact, the 52-footer that resides there now COULD be added to the deal).

We often describe a house for sale as a “family home.” But this listing truly is a home for an entire family. Four single-family houses of varying sizes, all right on the shore of the lake. The private boat garage fits on a separate tax parcel, and is grandfathered in, should you choose to expand its use to include an office or small apartment.  It has been suggested a 5th home may be able to be built in this community on the boathouse lot.  Artist renderings are available upon request.

The smallest of the 4 homes is the one-bedroom cottage that was once the watchman's home for the sawmill. It has been a popular airbnb rental and guest house to the family for the past few years. The other 3 full size houses were designed by the award-winning architects, Baylis, and each of them are distinct, stunning, and roomy luxury homes. Expansive spaces with great flow give way to cozy nooks and peaceful, contemplative vistas.

Construction was completed in 2006, and the Baylis architectural designs take full advantage of the natural splendor and recreational possibilities of Lake Washington. Doug Johnson & Company completed the build out of all 4 homes.

Protected by gates on both ends of the property, a stroll through this unique, historic, one-of- a-kind, spacious, and family-friendly compound reveals 2 private docks, hundreds of feet of lakefront, and stunningly beautiful views of the lake.

And sunsets. With staggeringly 180 degree lake views from nearly every room in every house

A few years ago, the Cuginis put an eagle’s perch on a pole in the shallows of the lakefront. Almost instantly, it became a popular landing spot. That’s why the community is called “Eagle Cove.” 

It turns out that eagles love this very special family sanctuary. And you will, too.

The entire property is offered in a package deal of $12,500,000.00 (boat not included…but could be!).

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3905 Lake Washington Blvd N
Kennydale, WA 98056

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